E-Marketing – don’t throw the baby out!

I have been surprised by the number of companies who believe that they can no longer email their customers since GDPR came into force. These contacts gathered over time and carefully nurtured are with people who are genuinely interested in their product or service.

GDPR was intended to stop the disreputable practice of some companies, who purchased and compiled lists of people’s contact details – even theough they had no legitimate interest, and then blanket spammed them with mail-shots. Whilst also making the ability for them to unsubscribe an Alice in Wonderland type merry-go-round of impossible completion.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! If you have gathered data in a responsible way and have clear records of how your existing database opted-in, please seek advice about the best way to continue to utilise your contacts lists.

I for one am incredibly optimistic that now is a better time than ever for email marketing. Where entertaining, relevant and rewarding content can cut through the noise and achieve the attention it deserves.